Testimonial 1

by admin

August 8, 2017

Brian, the owner of AZ Pool Keeper has been maintaining our pool for over two years. I am truly pleased with his knowledge and professionalism.He is there every Tuesday morning. Not only does he maintain our pool, but he also does repairs and replacement of parts as needed.He is quick with repairs and is very reasonably priced. My last pool person only knew how to keep the pool clean with chemicals. Last year Brian totally drained our pool because the water was old and could no longer maintain the proper chemical levels. He also replaced our old pool pump with a new efficient one. Our house is now under contract and the pool heater was not working and within two days, Brian had ordered the parts and now has the heater working. We never heated the pool or spa since this was no big deal to us that it didn't work but new owners want it working. You will not be disappointed by choosing AZ Pool Keepers. They are the best!