Swimming Pool Maintenance

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With this season’s weather, having a swimming pool in your home can be such a blessing. In this warm weather, it feels great to take a dip in the pool to cool down and relax a bit. Owning a swimming pool can be an asset, but it also requires a lot of responsibility when it comes to effective maintenance.

A swimming pool is constantly exposed to rain and other elements of nature because it is an open body of water. Any debris that falls in decomposes and attracts bacteria, thus leading to waterborne diseases. Some of the diseases can be as serious as dysentery or salmonella and since the pool can be a breeding ground for mosquitos, malaria and other insect borne diseases can also be possible.

Swimming Pool Pumps

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A filter and pump are two things that a swimming pool needs for heating and to keep it clean from bacteria and other organisms. It is essential for a pool owner to select the correct components for the particular pool. Research on what type of pump needed should be done to ensure you get the correct one for your pool. Know the pump’s functionality and capacity or obtain advice from a professional.

A filter and a pump work as a team and play a fundamental role in every swimming pool. They are in charge of circulating the water by filtering and heating, uniting efficiencies at low cost energy levels.

Swimming Pool Filters

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If there is one thing that every swimming pool must have, it is a pool filter. Swimming pool filters are the main process that keeps your pool clear from all the debris that can be brought in by rain, wind, toys, swimmers, and cleaning supplies. A swimming pool filter works to promote health and safety in the water. There are three main components in the filter that allows it to keep the water clear as well as safe. During filtration, there is a pump and motor that work together to bring the water in and push it out.

Pool Chlorine Tablets

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Do you know why chlorine can be found in several products that are used for pool maintenance?

This is because it is not only easy to use but it also does wonders for your pool – it performs a number of vital tasks. Chlorine is actually one of the basic elements found in nature but it is always paired or combined with another element. As a single atom, it can be very reactive. When combined with sodium, you can have the ordinary table salt. Once it is dissolved in water, it creates ions that find an element to pair with. Many possible elements are actually things you do not want to have floating around in your swimming pool, like algae, bacteria, unsightly and harmful organisms. Although you can keep these organisms to a low level with a pool cover, it is not possible to entirely eliminate them – they become airborne, enter on swimmer’s feet, and travel through the water source. To keep them below the level of being harmful, you need regular chlorine maintenance by using pool chlorine tablets.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

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All swimming pools contain an amalgamation of chemicals and you can tell by simply smelling the pool’s water. There are five major aspects to balancing swimming pool chemicals and this should be checked on a weekly basis to make sure that unwanted bacteria and algae do not grow. Not only do bacteria and algae cause the pool to become murky and green, it will also attract mosquitos and other insects – making the swimming pool unsafe to swim in.