Swimming Pool Pumps

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A filter and pump are two things that a swimming pool needs for heating and to keep it clean from bacteria and other organisms. It is essential for a pool owner to select the correct components for the particular pool. Research on what type of pump needed should be done to ensure you get the correct one for your pool. Know the pump’s functionality and capacity or obtain advice from a professional.

A filter and a pump work as a team and play a fundamental role in every swimming pool. They are in charge of circulating the water by filtering and heating, uniting efficiencies at low cost energy levels.

Assembling different parts of the filter and swimming pool pump at the correct pace of the flow of water is as important as the maintenance of the pool parts. Before buying a pool pump and filter, you’ll need to get your pool’s measurements in order to get the right type and for the components to efficiently work.

When buying a pump, the first things to consider are the functionality and the brand names. There are swimming pool pumps available in the market that claim to be very efficient, yet they still consume a lot of power. There are pumps that have the average of 3 or 4 HP but this is already a power consuming device. The best type of pump to get is one that matches your pool size. Many pool owners make the mistake of getting a larger pump than they actually need.

Larger pool pumps result to higher electricity bill without providing the pool any real benefits. It is the right type of pump that optimizes duration and power while circulating water. A pool pump timer also helps in conserving energy, thus lowering electricity consumption.

Aside from getting a pump with the correct horsepower, the effectiveness of swimming pool pumps in circulating water plays an important role when it comes to making sure that the pool’s water remains clean. There are pumps which have higher capacity and at the same time consume less amount of power. Two of the most popular brand names are Intex and Hayward; both brands offer a wide range of swimming pool pumps for different pool types and sizes. However, you can ask an expert’s advice if he has any other recommended brands.

The effective performance of a pump will depend mainly on the functioning and quality of the filters. With filters, the main problem is only on how to clean the pool filter cartridges and it could be an issue which varies from one filter to another. To determine the proper functioning of the filter cartridge, the simplest way is to check the filter’s pressure indicator.

It is the indicator that has a gauge or meter on the exterior of the filter housing. The meter also shows the maximum pressure at which a pool filter should function. A pool filter that functions well shows low pressure and allows the pump to circulate more water and remove unwanted organisms and materials.

The life of a pump is easy to extend. A pool owner needs to make sure that the pool filter cartridges properly functions. In fact, swimming pool pumps last a minimum of 5 years; with proper care, they last between 15 to 20 years. When a pump starts getting load, this means that the front bearings are going out and the pump will need replacing soon. For some pump motors, the bearing can be replaced but in most cases, it would be cheaper to just get a new one.

In instances where the motor gets loud before it the pump even reaches its 5th year, there is usually a good explanation as to what could’ve caused the damage. The number one cause for pool pumps to go bad is called water starvation. For a pool pump to properly function, it needs to have a constant supply of water otherwise overheating will occur and lead to permanent damage to the motor. Some causes of water starvation are:

  • Clogged skimmer basket
  • Cracked pump lid
  • Water level in the pool is too low
  • Clogged pump basket
  • Pump O-ring is missing

Understanding the common causes of pool pump damages is the first step to avoiding getting another one sooner than expected. Aside from the causes mentioned above, make sure you spend a few minutes a week to check for any other potential problems that can cause premature damage to the swimming pool pump.

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