Pool Chlorine Tablets

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Do you know why chlorine can be found in several products that are used for pool maintenance?

This is because it is not only easy to use but it also does wonders for your pool – it performs a number of vital tasks. Chlorine is actually one of the basic elements found in nature but it is always paired or combined with another element. As a single atom, it can be very reactive. When combined with sodium, you can have the ordinary table salt. Once it is dissolved in water, it creates ions that find an element to pair with. Many possible elements are actually things you do not want to have floating around in your swimming pool, like algae, bacteria, unsightly and harmful organisms. Although you can keep these organisms to a low level with a pool cover, it is not possible to entirely eliminate them – they become airborne, enter on swimmer’s feet, and travel through the water source. To keep them below the level of being harmful, you need regular chlorine maintenance by using pool chlorine tablets.

One of the most inexpensive and easy to use forms of chlorine can be found in swimming pool chlorine tablets. The tablets are made differently for various uses and are available in several sizes and formulations. They also contain cyuranic acid, which helps in keeping the pool’s pH level stable. To prevent the corrosion of heating elements, the tablet should be inserted into a tablet dispenser or the pool’s skimmer. The amount of pool chlorine tablets to be used would depend on the pool’s size and how strong the chlorine tablet is. Directions can be found on the package or you can simply ask us at Arizona Pool Keeper to handle this for you.

Whether your pool’s water is made cloudy due to skin oils, skin cells, ammonia, or other compounds or contaminated with algae and bacteria, pool chlorine tablets can clean them all up safely. Some say that chlorine makes the pool smell bad, but it is actually the byproducts that create that scent. Proper levels of chlorine leave your pool’s water with a neutral odor, clear, and safe.

There are many online stores that sell pool chlorine tablets, which come in large buckets. These should be kept in a safe and dry place. A tablet dispenser will also be needed, but some stores include the dispenser with the purchase. Without a tablet dispenser, the pool’s water can be discolored and contaminated. If used incorrectly, the tablets can damage the pool. Before using the tablets, it is important to know its depth, length, and width. The measurements will tell you how much chlorine tablets you need. If too much chlorine has been used, swimmers can encounter difficulty in breathing, have irritated eyes, and rashes on the skin. If too little chlorine was used, it won’t have the desired effect on the water and the bacteria, resulting to nasty bugs and other harmful organisms living in your pool.

Every brand and size of pool chlorine tablets has different specifications. Reading the package or tub is important to make sure that the proper treatment of your pool. Usually, all you have to do is allow the tablet to dissolve naturally and then replace it with a new one. To make sure the water is safe, though, it is a good idea to test it. Pool chlorine content should be around 2 parts per million but if the pool goes beyond that, the dispenser should be removed for a few days and the chlorine will slowly evaporate out of the water.

Weekly use of chlorine tablets for pools will keep it free from harmful viruses and will help you keep it clean and healthy. Your pool will look as clear as crystal you would surely be tempted to take a dip with your family or invite friends over for a pool party. Maintaining your pool has never been so easy, especially with the help of a professional pool maintenance provider like Arizona Pool Keeper.

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