Swimming Pool Maintenance

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With this season’s weather, having a swimming pool in your home can be such a blessing. In this warm weather, it feels great to take a dip in the pool to cool down and relax a bit. Owning a swimming pool can be an asset, but it also requires a lot of responsibility when it comes to effective maintenance.

A swimming pool is constantly exposed to rain and other elements of nature because it is an open body of water. Any debris that falls in decomposes and attracts bacteria, thus leading to waterborne diseases. Some of the diseases can be as serious as dysentery or salmonella and since the pool can be a breeding ground for mosquitos, malaria and other insect borne diseases can also be possible.

The key to ensuring proper swimming pool maintenance is to keep a good water balance. Test the water every other day especially when your pool is constantly in use. Use a DPD kit or a pool test kit that includes test strips to accurately measure the pH balance, the amount of chlorine, and the pool’s total alkalinity.

To prevent the growth of bacteria and algae, the chlorine level should be between 0.5 and 3 PPM. As for the pH, the proper level is 7.2 to 7.6 PPM. Ideally, total alkalinity is kept at 80 to 120 PPM. It is important that the level should not fall below 80 PPM or go above 400 PPM. Alkalinity and pH balance work together to ensure stability in the swimming pool’s water balance.

In addition to getting illnesses, the water will be clouded if proper swimming pool maintenance and care is not done. Also, the walls and floor can be covered in algae and become stained, making it difficult to clean. If this happens, the pool should be emptied and thoroughly cleaned before filling it up with water again.

On a weekly basis, aside from chlorination, you need to add algaecide to you swimming pool’s water. With any chemical, remember that you are adding them to the water and not the other way around. Read the instructions on the algaecide and follow them carefully. Algae can cause a problem to pool owners and they are also difficult to get rid of. The key to clean and healthy and clean water is good swimming pool maintenance.

Shocking the pool is also essential. This needs to be done weekly on top of regular chlorination, especially if the pool is always used. The more contaminants are being introduced, the more chemical treatments need to be done to prevent the build up.

How to maintain a pool can be done on your own if your schedule is not too hectic. But it also wouldn’t hurt to hire a pool expert like Arizona Pool Keeper to do the cleaning for you. Focusing on the key procedures to good swimming pool maintenance on a regular basis will avoid issues in the future.

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